About Us:

Eco Yard was created to offer commercial properties such as HOAs, Hospitals, Schools, and Campuses an earth friendly and non-toxic alternative to traditional lawn care services. All our products are safe for kids and pets and proven to work.

These days it seems everyone is claiming to offer "Organic" lawn care. The fact is, not all organic lawn care products are created equally. Not even close. Some use synthetic hybrid products or "organic based" products that can contain animal manure and even human bio-solids. Yuck!

We are proud to exclusively offer OMRI certified, liquid organic plant based products. Inspired by large scale organic agriculture, our product's liquid nutrients are immediately available to turf, trees, shrubs and plants. We focus on restoring the natural soil biology rather than force feeding with synthetic chemicals. In other words, healthy soil equals a healthy lawn that is resistant to stress, weeds, pests, and disease. 

We help your property become healthy, vibrant, and safe requiring less water, less additives, and less mowing than turf treated with synthetic chemicals and pesticides.