Don't Power Rake!

Posted: Thursday, April 11, 2013

Don't Power Rake! That's right, don't power rake. Power raking is a mechanical method developed for removing large amounts of thatch  build up from turf.

The fact is, it's already too late to power rake and doing a power raking now can damage your turf that is now just coming out of dormancy and beginning to grow. The machines used for power raking tear at new grass tissue while loosening dead thatch. It can stress the turf rather than help it.

Actually, the best time to power rake is in February or March while the turf is still dormant or brown. 

The whole point of power raking is to decrease the thatch level in your turf. A thatch layer of 1/2" or less is just fine. Any more and your turf could be getting cheated out of valuable moisture and nutrients. Not to mention creating an ideal environment for insects and disease.

If you think you have significant thatch build up, we have a solution. Our "Organic Thatch Buster" product is a liquid product that can literally liquify the excess thatch and turn it into usable nutrients for your turf. To fuel this process, our product is packed with thatch-eating microorganisms and enzymes. Thatch and clippings break down quickly into rich, deep humus, which is nature's best fertilizer. Its easy, clean and safe. Give us a call or email us to learn more. 


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